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Theatre renovation /refurbish in PAN India gives an awesome & refreshing look at old single screen theatre, Multiscreen theatre, and multiplexes. We offering one-stop solutions to cinema theatres, multiplexes and Home theatres with different ideas and concepts.




Home Theatre:


Home theater is a very best option for them, who wants to set up their own small theatre in their own home. Home theatre is the best option for them who wants to spend their more time at home itself and want to make fun with family. Whenever you want, you can watch movies at your own home theatre.




If you already built the own home theatre, you bored with old construction and if you are planning to reconstruct your home theatre, come to us, we will help you to rebuild your home theatre using new technology and new ideas. Because we know the value of relaxation and comfort.


Single Screen Theatre:




Nowadays single screen theatres are facing difficulties to run the business because people are attracted towards the multiplexes reason behind that is ambiance, feel and comfort. As well as they are not adopting latest technology which is really expensive. It is very important to walk with the new generation. So, theatre renovation is the best option for them to restart their business. People need comfort and relaxation, with the help of refurbishing/renovation need to provide comfort and feel to customers to attract towards the single screen theatre. If single screen theatres are well maintained then everyone looks forward to watching movies in single screen theatre. If you want revenue more and you are planning to convert your single screen theatre into multiplex then we are the best solution for you. We’ll do everything for you starting from planning to an inauguration. We’ll provide you best options for renovation/refurbish.


Multiplex theatre:




Multiplex theatres are also facing problems to run the business. They are too running a business like single screen theatres. Multiplexes are running 4-5 screens simultaneously. So, it is a very big thing for multiplexes. People are enjoying to watch movies in multiplexes because of the quality facility. Nowadays people need entertainment but as well as they need comfort, feel, and relaxation too. People want to spend their quality time with their family. So, multiplex providing those solutions to people. And that’s why people are attracted towards the multiplexes.

But there is need to take one look towards change with the changing generation. Business growth depends on the customer. And cinema industry’s most of the customers are the youth. So, it is very important to give facility which is likable to the youth generation. Youth generation is addicted to new technology. Multiplexes are like a multi-cuisine restaurant, catering all tastes. They Need some more changes like attractive interior and comfortable seating arrangement with the good quality picture.

Our Xpro Digital Cinema team will help you to renovate your existing multiplex into the new and attractive multiplex with leading technology. We suggest you the best options for your multiplex and we’ll do your all work related to the refurbish/ renovation.