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              Multiplex is now common in India. Multiplex is nothing but many screens under one roof. It shows multiple movies simultaneously and usually have many more add-on services, at a premium price.  It is a best option to get good revenue. A multiplex industry is a booming nowadays. This is the right time to enter in this business.

             From the last decade, with the liberation of the  Indian economy. People’s lifestyle, taste, culture, behavior has changed. Because of this fundamental changes, people are finding everything in one place. So, they prefer to go multiplexes. A multiplex is a place where people can get their entertainment, relaxation & comfort in one place.

              People love to take a break from their every day’s busy life. Watching movie with their loved once gives them happiness. And this is the main focus of multiplexes to provide comfort and happiness to the customer. People are usually going to the multiplexes rather than single-screen theatre, the reason behind this is ambiance, feel and facility that is provided by multiplexes.

              If you are enjoying watching movies, it means you know the value of entertainment, comfort, and relaxation. So opening the multiplex can provide you with an opportunity to profit from the major blockbusters.  Opening the new multiplex is a big venture that requires a great deal of planning.

Before you get involved in this project you should know few things. There are some steps involved in this project are as follows:


Feasibility Study: Feasibility study will help you to understand that your theatre idea will work in your area or not. And it will help you to determine how much your area will support your theatre idea.


Business Plan: A Business plan is very much important for any project. A business plan helps you to understand how work will happen and how much time it will take. It will show you the profitability of your business. It will give you a rough idea of your plan.


Secure funding:  Secure funding is the 3rd step because you have to show your business plan to your investor. So you have work step by step in your project.


Location: For theatre business, location is a very important thing. Your location defines your business growth. So be careful before choosing the place for building a new multiplex.


Business License: This is the very big thing to take the license for your business. You need to take the business license from your city & register your business at the local country clerk.